Taming Elijah (The Kincaids Book 1)

Wyoming, 1868.

It has been three years since the honorable Sheridan Wentworth left London’s polite society for the wild, savage west. She is harassed by unwanted suitors desiring both her body and her fortune. Sheridan turns to Elijah Kincaid for his protection, except he is determined to run from her perceived fragility, instead of toward her willing arms. Determined to show him she is the right woman with whom to build a future rich with love and family, she boldly sets out to court and seduce a man as untamed and savage as the land itself.

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Wicked in His Arms (Wedded by Scandal #2)

England 1818.

The last woman Tobias Walcott, the Earl of Blade, would ever marry is Lady Olivia Sherwood. She’s everything he should not desire in a female—unconventional, too decisive, and utterly without decorum. But when he ends up trapped in a closet at a house party with her, passion ignites. Honor demands they wed, and while Tobias finds himself unwillingly drawn to the bewitching beauty, he must do everything not to tempt the passion that burns in him for her, lest it leads to disastrous consequences.

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Accidentally Compromising the Duke ( Wedded by Scandal #1)

AccidentallyCompromisingtheDuke_final_1600X2400England, 1817.

Miss Adeline Hays is out of options. Determined to escape marriage to a repugnant earl, Adeline plans to deliberately allow herself to be caught in a compromising position at a house party with the much kinder man she’d hoped to marry. Instead, Adeline accidentally enters the wrong chamber and tumbles into the bed of the mad duke.

Edmond Rochester, the duke of Wolverton, is seeking a wife to care for his two daughters. A young lady of sensibilities, accomplishment, and most importantly, one who he is not attracted to—a complete opposite of the bewitching beauty who traps him into marriage. But despite the lust he feels for his new duchess, Edmond is resolved to never allow them intimacy, refusing to ever again suffer the tormenting loss of a loved one.

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Eternal Flames (A novel of the Amagarians #2)

20150916 Eternal Flames eBook display

Tehdra El kyn, a warrior elite of the shadow realm, has infiltrated the Nurian kingdom as a concubine for the merciless King Ajali, a man her demon has claimed as mate. Tehdra enters a court of deceit, political intrigue, and danger. Where she tries to prevent the kings’ assassination without betraying her heart and her realm. Soon she finds that she must make terrifying choices which may result in her death or war for her kingdom.

King Ajali Haddin is powerful, cunning, and ruthless in protecting those he loves. With whispers of the realms plotting his death and the destruction of his kingdom. He uses Tehdra, a suspected spy to draw the enemy into combat.  The last thing Ajali expected was to be captivated by Tehdra’s fierceness and her chilling beauty. Resisting her is the hardest battle he’s ever fought, but one he is determine to win. For to claim a woman as Tehdra means betraying his kingdom.

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Eternal Darkness (A novel of the Amagarians #1)

The darkest taste of temptation…

Fleeing from a blood oath made against her will to a man known in the seven realms as the tyrant king, the last place Princess Saieke Shyokara, expected to be trapped was in the Darkage, the land of the feared shadowed demons. Even worse, she’s stuck with Archduke Drac EL Kyn, a Darkan–a creature of darkness and sensuality, who entices her with passion, intrigue, and danger. The only thing she needs from the fierce warrior is his body to further her own plot…certainly not the dangerously irresistibly desire he rouses.

As one of the deadliest shadow assassins of his realm, Drac must use his skills to unearth the factions who murdered his king. Drawn by an irresistible hunger to the princess, he struggles to maintain distance from a woman who is utterly forbidden to those of his race. Yet, as she navigates the treacherous schemes and traps laid for her by the kingdoms of the seven realms, Drac must decide if he will claim Saieke as his mate, or will he relinquish this woman, who stirs in him the darkest hunger he’s ever known, to avoid embroiling his kingdom in war…

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The Royal Conquest (Scandalous House of Calydon #4)

His dark seduction will be her undoing…

After being cruelly jilted by a lord who claimed to adore her, Miss Payton Peppiwell swore her future husband would be as ordinary as she. Now if only her family would listen to her. Then she meets Mikhail Konstantinovich, an untitled horse breeder, in a highly improper and scandalous encounter. Never had Payton expected to be so attracted to the dark, intriguing man, who seduces her to recklessness with a mere stare.

Mikhail abhors anything to do with intimacy. Yet Miss Peppiwell stirs hunger and a need long forgotten in him. But Mikhail has a dark past—one that means his lust must be sated in a way entirely unsuitable for a lady. But his biggest secret will be the hardest for Payton to overcome: Mikhail is not only titled, he’s a prince…

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Sins of a Duke (Scandalous House of Calydon #3)

She would be his perfect revenge…

All of the young ladies whispered about the Duke of Mondvale in hushed tones, their eyes following his tall, dark figure with barely disguised lust. For the newly-ostracized Lady Constance Thornton, he is magnetic and altogether desirable. Irresistibly so. Since her reputation is already ruined in London society, why shouldn’t she be impudent and dance with the scandalous “Lord of Sin”?

Little does she know of his plans.

The beautiful and innocent Lady Constance is no mere plaything for Lucan Wynwood. She will be his revenge. By ruining her, he will have his vengeance against her brother. Except that the Lady Constance is full of surprises… and now she could well be the ruin of him.

“The romance between Lucan and Constance is one laced with a raw carnality that draws the reader in like a moth to a flame. The two of them together is a force of nature that sweeps one up to the highest of peaks and drops one into the deepest of valleys with equal aplomb. This is a romance that lets the ‘white knight’ look good in and out of her dress. One for the ladies…Sins Of A Duke is nothing short of a romance lover’s blessing!” — WTF Are You Reading

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The Irresistible Miss Peppiwell (Scandalous House of Calydon #2)

With a longing for adventure, the last thing Phillipa Peppiwell wants is to marry. After a painful betrayal by a man she trusted, she is wary when she unwittingly catches the attention of roguishly handsome – and sinfully tempting – Lord Anthony Thornton. Forbidden desires she secretly yearns for threaten to crumble her icy facade and reveal a past scandal best kept buried.

Dissatisfied with his empty life, Lord Anthony seeks a deep and lasting connection… and finds himself intrigued by the Ice Maiden of the haute monde. Undaunted by Phillipa’s aloof nature and her distaste for the idea of matrimony, he sets out to thaw the bewitching beauty by enticing her with adventures of the most sensual type. But he, too, hides a scandalous secret… and if it’s discovered it could rip them apart

“I was in love before the end of the 1st chapter. I must give Ms. Reid (insert pompoms here) my top score of 5 fingers up & 10 toes for this romance tale with ties of silk, love play with bondage & a burning ecstasy filled with true acceptance!” — Goodreads

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The Duke’s Shotgun Wedding (Scandalous House of Calydon #1)

Victorian Era England…

As far as rash decisions go, it was formidable. But Lady Jocelyn Rathbourne’s will remains strong. If the only way to save her family’s estate and reputation is by aiming a small pistol at the Duke of Calydon, then so be it. For Lady Jocelyn demands satisfaction – and she will have it at any cost. Even if it means demanding the hand of the intense and foreboding Duke himself…

But she’s made the first move against a very dangerous opponent…

For Sebastian Thornton is no stripling to be trifled with. The lady has played her hand. Now it’s his turn. For Sebastian is in need of a wife. And to find a wife with spirit and fire – even if she means to only marry for his money – would be a great prize indeed. And he intends to thoroughly take his pleasure with her… and demands his own satisfaction in return.

holt-finalist“If you love a feisty heroine and a dark, powerful duke hero, then you’ll love Lady Jocelyn Rathbourne and Sebastian, Duke of Calydon. … Stacy Reid manages to infuse the trope with a unique voice, vivid conflict, and passionate, palpably instant attraction …. I would recommend The Duke’s Shotgun Wedding to anyone who enjoys passionate, fast-paced historical romance.” — Night Owl Reviews

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Letters to Emily

Letters to Emily Cover A hot and sweet holiday erotic historical romance, set in the period of World War I.

“… Steamy romance filled with angst, grief, and a broad definition of love. An emotional and sensual novella, which tells an entire story. …” — Wicked Reads Review Team

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The Marquess & I (Forever Yours Book 1)

The Marquess and I was previously published in the Regency anthology A Midsummer Night’s Kiss.

Lady Willow Arlington, hauntingly lovely, is also blind and known by the ton as the dowry-less daughter. Alasdair Morley, the Marquess of Westcliffe, is in need of an heiress, but Lady Willow should be the last person he craves after she was persuaded to reject his offer of marriage when he was a mere third son. Passion reignites between them, and he makes an enticing offer she cannot resist, drawing them into a dance of lust and love despite the misgivings in his heart.

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